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Lighting tone

Tone/warmness of the light emitted by the tack lights to be in the warmer spectrum in order to create a welcoming store interior look & feel. A mid-point Kelvin between warm and cool white is suggested. Light brightness to be adjusted to be softer to encourage browsing behaviour. 


DO NOT APPLY COOL WHITE OR DAYLIGHT as this will adversely affect perception and shopper behaviour.

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Track lighting

Track lighting to be environmentally friendly - suggest LED options.


Track lights to be finished in a satin black.


Track light layout is indicative only - to be adjusted as required. Please note placement of slatted ceiling beams and ensure that any adjusted layout compliments the ceiling beams.


Track length sections shown are each 2,7m long.

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Under-shelf Lighting fixtures

The under shelf lighting to be similar to the type used in the Burningham Clean & Conscious Beauty category execution.


Note that a key learning from this store execution is that the under shelf lighting tone must match the overall warmer light tone - DO NOT INSTALL COOL WHITE.


Under Shelf lighting to be applied to highlight Beauty as a hero category as well as the promo wall bays at store entrance. Beauty wall and island bay shelving to have under shelf lighting applied.


To be retro-fitted to existing in-store shelving.

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Lobby light to use LED illumination.


Please follow tone recommendation.

Feature Lights: 

Please ensure that the tone of light emitted by the feature lights are inline with the overall store lighting tone.


Feature lights:

  1. Checkout counter feature light

  2. Smithfield pendant light

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Checkout counter feature light

see service Hub for refereence

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Pendant Light
5. Flos Smithfield Suspension
Pendant Light - Gloss White