Promo Gondola End cap
1m and 0.8m 

Wooden Gondola End


Either a 1m or a 0.8m backboard specifications applicable.

NB: When fitted onto an Endcap, base component LRFR12400A is not required.

The 1m clip frame is finished in black


Promo End.png

Bip Wall Bay or Gondolas are part of the promotional content cycle.


On Shelf Visual Merchandising components are to support the POS content.


The top half of a wall bay can be updated into a blip bay by adding the following components:


  1. Vertical backing - 10mm Plywood painted black

  2. Backing snaplock graphic frame

  3. Base - note applied logo

  4. Card holder - to hold card with bulldog clip as shown

  5. Riser - note clear shelf front strip attached to narrow front face


The blip wall bay will be re-dressed for every new marketing campaign and holds 3 interchangeable graphic panels:

  1. Bay Board 1M 973mm x 575mm

  2. Blip Bay Strip 39mm x 390mm

  3. Blip Bay Strut 203mm x 229mm

Technical Drawings
Wallbay Blip Bay
Blip Bay Santa Fe Oak Base Shelf With Angled Ticket Edge_Rev A
Blip Bay Back Board_Rev A
Blip Bay Hamilton Oak Base Shelf_Rev B
Blip Bay Block Base & Ply Board (213w x 290h)  
Blip Bay Click Frame 1003x605mm Black
Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 16.46.36.png
Wallbay LED Lights for Blip Bays
Blip Bay Click Frame 800x605mm Silver