Welcome to the revised Holland & Barrett store Design Standards portal.
This centralised portal will enable the extended teams to deliver our new in-store proposition, by providing a live reference for the contributing parts of the proposition including:
  • Brand assets
  • Store planning layout & principles
  • Design standards & specifications
  • Key contact details
This a live portal that we will keep up to date as we refine our standards & develop new concepts. We will issue a formal update each quarter highlighting the key changes.
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Format Architecture

An updated store format architecture designed to respond to the rapidly changing customer behaviours & maximise the store estate.


Little differentiation between stores
Product-centric model where larger stores duplicate products to fill space
Single-channel selling


Differentiated formats, with tailored category/ space mix by location and size, unlocking the right store in the right place
Clearly defined roles for stores, introducing a service & services led proposition
Cross-channel experiences